Kronstadt Stories—3. Slowness

August 9 — September 2, 2018

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Opening: August 9, 4PM
Curators — Elena Gubanova, Lydia Griaznova

 National Centre for Contemporary Arts, North-Western Branch

with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
State Museum of the History of St Petersburg
Saint Petersburg Museum of Printing
Exhibition project

Yauheni Hlushan (Belarus)
Farniyaz Zaker (Iran/Germany/Great Britain)
Junichiro Ishii (Japan/France)
Linda Carrara (Italy/Belguim)
Václav Magid (Czech Republic)
Dietrich Meyer (USA/Germany)
Vanja Mervič (Slovenia)
Filippo Minelli (Italy)
Mayana Nasybullova (Russia)
Ina Otzko (Norway)
Denis Patrakeyev (Russia)
Lisa Someda (Japan)
Zoé van der Haegen (Belgium)
j.frede (USA)

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Museum of the history of Saint-Petersburg,
Museum of printing, Moika emb. 32
Hours: Daily 11am–6pm, Tuesday 11am–5pm Wednesday —day off.

Kronstadt is the city-island. Getting here an artist starts to exist in some sense of anisolate environment. The city is one hour away from Saint Petersburg but course of timeis feeling differently. The time has lost density. Kronstadt’s streets, historical and culturalartifacts, natural landscapes and phenomenon become material for artist practice.Сoncentrated artist’s eye is fixed on hardly noticeable processes and phenomena of theouter world in a fast rhythm of life. It spots, classifies, interprets and analyzes.Participants of the exhibition visualize a sense of an environment and the time, which arelocated on the edge of our attention in everyday life. The exhibition will unite art projects that differently reveal the state of deceleration, in which a movement for the sake of usefulness is replaced by the thoughtful looking into the eternal.