[Ge]wand II

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[Ge]wand II, 2013

Finalist at Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenal, Venice, Italy, 2014

Group exhibition: ‘Arte Laguna Prize,’ Arsenale Venice, Venice, Italy, 2014

Solo exhibition: ‘Repeated Return’, The Dolphin Gallery, St John's College, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2013


Ink on white paint

Dimensions variable

Wand (German): Wall (English)  

1. An upright side of a room inside a building: On the opposite wall hung a valuable old painting. She felt along the wall for the light switch. 1a. an upright outer surface of a building: The walls of the factory had been covered with graffiti. 2. a very tall strong structure that is built to defend a place or to keep people inside a place, for example, a prison, castle, or city. 2a. an upright structure made of stone or brick that surrounds or divides someone’s land or garden. 2b. a strong upright structure that protects an area from the sea or from flooding :  a sea wall  

Gewand (German): Dress (English)

1. a piece of clothing that covers a woman’s body and part of her legs:a blue cotton. dress. I’d never seen her in a dress before. 2.  the clothes that are typical of a particular place, Time in history, or occasion: The children were wearing traditional Norwegian dress.They performed the play in the Victorian dress. 2a.The clothes that someone usually wears: He has an unusual style of dress.  

(Macmillan English Dictionary, 2007)