Oграждение (the Fence)

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Oграждение (the Fence) 2017

Solo Exhibition: Letters in Space, Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) / the State Museum and Exhibition Center “ROSIZO”, Kronstadt - St Petersburg, Russia

Installation view 

Ink on paper + sound

Dimensions: (21 x 21 cm) x12 + 00.03.15  

Zaker’s show at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) combines old with new work created during her residency at the NCCA in Kronstadt – St Petersburg. While some of it draws the spectator’s attention to the similarities between text and textiles, architecture and clothing and invites him or her to read words across the materials, other work deals with the problem of objectivity and subjectivity in our relationship with the built environment.

The installation Oграждение (the Fence) uses drawing and sound to record the partially derelict nineteen-century cast-iron railings and its gradual replacement with other cheaper materials, including wood and aluminium, around the Summer Garden in Kronstadt. As such, the fence is a monument to a particular moment in Kronstadt's social, economic and urban history.