Surface Depth

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Surface Depth 2023 

Solo exhibition: Fault Lines, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2024


Dimensions: 168 x 54 cm

Different kinds of barriers are alluded to in “Surface Depth” (2023) and “Surface Tension” (2023). Both works feature plants that are at once aesthetic and obstructive. In the latter work, there is the splendour of the natural world and the soothing, rhythmic movement of the plants. But there is also the surface tension of the water that keeps the plants afloat, allowing them to cover the surface like an impenetrable floating barrier. In “Surface Depth”, the use of ornament glass to cover drawings of floral patterns creates an illusion of water, movement and life. At the same time, there is a barrier-like quality to the work. The plants bear an uncanny resemblance to a fence perhaps even barbed wire, and the glass that covers them obscures as much as it reveals.