Somatic Memories I

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Somatic Memories, 2014

Solo Exhibition: Something There Was That Must Have Loved a Wall, Pi Artworks Gallery, Istanbul, 2016

Solo exhibition: Primeval Relationship, The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, UK, 2014

Group exhibition: A House Is Not A Hotel, Pi Artworks Gallery, London, United Kingdom, 2014

video installation, (duration of each video: 1:09:00)

To at least some extent every real place can be remembered, partly because it is unique, but partly because it has affected our bodies and generated enough association to hold it in our personal worlds. 

Kent C. Bloomer and Charles W. Moore, Body, Memory, and Architecture 

The two-channel video installation, Somatic Memories I, shows the marks of recently worn clothing gradually disappearing from the skin. Each video is approximately 70 minutes long, which is itself a statement about the gravity of the fabrics’ intervention. With this simple and effective video, Farniyaz Zaker draws our attention to the enduring physical and emotional effects of different built environments on us. Conceptualizing women’s clothing as an edifice through which - and in which - women live, Zaker suggests a discursive reading of clothing.