Pause in Movement

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Pause in Movement, 2012

Group exhibition: ‘Mapleton Bree Prize’, Kendrew Barn, St John’s College, United Kingdom, 2013

Group exhibition: ‘In Site’, The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2012

Exhibition Catalogue: In site, ’ The Ashmolean Museum, edited by the Curating Team: Jess Draper, Hilary Floe, Sohin Hwang, Natalie Sanderson, Vid Simoniti and Farniyaz Zaker, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2012                                                


 Silk, cotton, tailors dummy, and mixed media

250cm x 250cm x 320cm

The nature of dwelling is not limited to a built environment, but that several environments can be regarded by their inhabitants as dwellings, due to the fact that place is commonly associated with security and stability as opposed to the openness, freedom, and threat of the space surrounding it. In this respect woman’s clothing becomes a microcosmic dwelling place. Through the convergence of multiple meanings of the word pardeh/ پرده, this work attempts to highlight the linkage between clothing, virginity, and architecture (enclosed spaces), by conceptualising the skirt as an extended home, as a walled space of infinite privacy.  پرده means ‘curtain’ and also it refers to virginity in Persian. In many other Muslim countries, the word also means the veil (women’s clothing), although its roots are pre-Islamic. Both curtains and skirts separate spaces – both physical and metaphysical – between men and women, between the public and the private, and interestingly they also make this boundary of public and private unclear, by stressing the most inner part of the privacy of a woman: virginity